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we care about multispecies, organic and inorganic nature, transparency, honesty, community, culture and good design.

phased is routed into the idea of matter and life being perpetually circular, cyclical and well - phased. In nature, the concept of waste is non-existent, all nutrients are in constant circulation within their respective symbiotic systems and this is what inspires our work and guides our approach.

Our mission is to connect people to the planet through the creative power of everyday objects and regenerative materials; build and nurture purpose-driven communities; and develop meaningful dialogue about how we understand, interpret nature and its teachings.

Phased was born in the middle of the most unsettling times – global pandemic and Brexit to name a few. The founders have been brewing Phased products without acknowledging the boundaries of distance, both physical, economical and political. Phased core team are Nanna, Silvia and Oksana. All three founders are based in different countries: Nanna Guldbæk is in Denmark, Silvia Soler is in Spain and Oksana Bondar is in the UK. Phased is a story about people, whose passion and sense of mission is uncompromised by the physicality yet their practice and work is deeply rooted in it.


Phased team is a unique cocktail of cultures and backgrounds, we are privileged to benefit from an opportunity to see the world and its problems through different lenses. We believe that a paradigm shift can happen through international and cross-cultural collaboration like the one we have at Phased.

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